Perfect Fireplace Alternative

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When you think that the central heating doesn’t give enough warmth, or hasn’t got any atmosphere, you may want to buy an extra heater. Here you have the choice between gas and electric fireplaces. It is wrong to think that the electric fireplaces will be more expensive in use than the gas versions. No, the latest models are cost effective and take care of the environment. They don’t exhaust bad smoke or killing CO2.

How do they work? Well, of course you have to plug them into a standard wall outlet. In about ten minutes you’ll have a crackling fire!The presence of an electric fireplace will add more coziness to your rooms. You can put them in a big house or a small condo. They even look real: the flames of the electric insert are life-like and will warm your room easily (up to 150 square feet of space).  It is possible to buy electric fireplaces if more than one size. They come in sizes 23? 28? And 33? This measurement is the width of the front of the insert. In goes without saying that larger units have larges log sets and larger flames.

These will fit just anywhere. In the living room, in the den, in the bedrooms? Wherever. There even exist portable kits, which you can take with you as you go. Or there are corner kits, which make excellent use of lost spaces. Shops offer various models in electric fireplaces. You have them with surrounds of real wood, or real marble, stone and such. What you choose is up to you. The absence of heat also allows you to place shelves around the fireplace, or a bookcase next to it.

You can buy electric fireplaces from about $299, with prices going up to $2,300. Of course, for this price you’ll have a home entertainment center included! In fact, you only pay about $200 for the electric insert (meaning blower, log set and controls).  What you pay over this $200 is just for decoration and romance, and depends on your taste and budget. Most of these electric fireplaces are well made though and have an attractive design.

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The Electric Fireplace – Distinction and Versatility

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Today’s new electric fireplaces aren’t the stogy old room heaters of yesterday. With advances in design and engineering they are now a much sought after piece of fine furniture. They will easily become the focal point of any room. Perfect for that empty wall space or corner.

Having a fireplace once meant the need to clean and inspect chimneys, remove soot and ashes and haul wood all season long. Forget that! The new vent less fireplaces has eliminated all that. Now you can have an elegant electric fireplace that assembles easily and plugs into any standard electric outlet in your home or office. The new advances in engineering and design makes these ideal for apartments, condos, offices, conference rooms and anywhere else you don’t want to tear out walls, install chimney flues and take on major remodeling activities. These portable fireplaces can easily moved from room to room or packed up and moved to a new home or office. While most people choose the portable models, there is the option of hard wiring for a permanent installation. Be careful if you choose this option and you go to sell your home. It will be considered a permanent fixture of the house unless you explicitly exclude it on the sales contract.

The new electric fireplaces have become very versatile with the addition of new features and design improvements. Equipped with a blower or fan, an electric fireplace can generate enough heat to warm a small room or area. They aren’t going to replace your main heating source and they won’t operate if you lose electric power as a wood burning fireplace would. But they do give off a little warmth to provide a cozy area to gather around. Most models allow you to operate with flame only, heat only or both.

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Benefits of Portable Electric Infrared Heaters

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Small apartments, enclosed spaces in homes, offices or warehouses need small and effective heating sources to heat the space quickly. Infrared heating is the best option for these spaces in winters. More specifically, portable electric infrared heaters unlike other big space heaters can be used for limited heating wherever and whenever needed. Here under are few benefits of portable electric infrared heaters, which help us to understand their importance and necessity.

Ability to shift to desired locations

These heaters are designed to be moved to any desired location of your home or office. Their ability to move makes them more versatile. They are available in many sizes from small portable to large business models; few among them even have wheels. You never really know when and where you will need them. They can be easily moved to different rooms like bedroom, kitchen, living room, patio or garage. These heaters avoid any worries with respect to the availability or provision of vents when shifted to a different location.

Efficient heating

Efficiency in providing even heat is the most important characteristic of portable electric infrared heaters. They convert the entire electrical energy into heat. In addition, they directly warm the objects and people in the room instead of heating the air first. They are the perfect choice for enjoying heat and saving the heating costs both at the same time.

Provide health benefits

Safe and gentle heat from the infrared heaters is similar to the natural sun’s radiation. Several studies have stated that besides providing warmth, they also offer many health benefits. The infrared radiation from these heaters penetrates directly into the human skin. It increases the blood pressure and helps in reducing muscle pains, swelling and inflammation. They do not dehydrate the air, hence they aid in overall health improvement. In addition, they do not release combustible gases, promote allergies, asthma or other health issues.

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